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1st in speed. 2nd to none in quality.

On road, off road, water, rails, and stationary.


1st in speed. 2nd to none in quality.

On road, off road, water, rails, and stationary.

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(844) 373-6331

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Particulate Filter Cleaning

Advanced Technology Means Cleaner Filters Done Faster

Time on the road and urban stop ‘n go driving can cause filter plugging, excessive non-combustible ash accumulation, regeneration failure and inefficient burn-off. Now add over-fueling, under-airing, wet fouling, and it all leads to DPF / DEF failure.

Being a manual system, a skilled technician is able to concentrate on those cells that require a deep and thorough cleaning. As a result, our customers get a filter that will far outlast the competition whose protocol is to automatically bake filters.


We also use the same theory to create small pressure waves through the filter which virtually eliminates the need to bake filters to remove impactions. Thermal cleaning is now only used for oil soaked filters. On those rare occasions thermal cleaning is required, our regeneration oven is brilliantly designed to protect the DPF / DEF from over baking. Fully programmable controls monitor the DPF / DEF throughout the regeneration process to assure no uncontrolled filter regeneration occurs during the cycle.

The majority of diesel particulate filter cleaning systems today operate “hands free.” The equipment itself provides a generic cleaning. These systems are unable to focus on the specific cells that truly need attention. That’s great for the service provider’s efficiency. But it does little to improve the air we breathe or add to the life of the diesel particulate filter installed on a vehicle.

At DPF / DEF Medic, our mobile diesel particulate filter cleaning service utilizes the most sophisticated soot removal equipment available today. It is truly superior.


For years the standard has been a vacuum system. A filter gets placed in a box with a vacuum pulling from the bottom and high-pressure air pushing from the top. This type of cleaning machine works well enough until the internal filter starts to clog. As the vacuum filter clogs, the vacuum pressure goes down. As a result, ultrafine particles of soot and ash remain and cannot be easily removed during the operation. Back-blowing compressed air is an adequate way to clean the filter, but during the operation it becomes difficult as vacuum pressure offsets positive pressure on the clean side of the filter.


For the design of the DPF / DEF Medic system, we took all the upgrade ideas accumulated after years of cleaning with a vacuum system. Our system utilizes Bernoulli’s principal to create a low-pressure zone under the filter that acts as a vacuum without the problems of a traditional vacuum.

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