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1st in speed. 2nd to none in quality.

On road, off road, water, rails, and stationary.


1st in speed. 2nd to none in quality.

On road, off road, water, rails, and stationary.

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(844) 373-6331

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Consider if you will, the plight of the average trucking company when it comes to diesel particulate filter cleaning. Not only must it worry about the service providers who charge a truckload to take care of its trucks, it must worry about the bottom line while those trucks are down for service and not out generating revenue. It’s a complex problem. Enter Delbert Haught and the discovery of a better way of filter cleaning.

One guy with dirt on his mind.

DPF / DEF Medic is in and out typically within an hour per vehicle so your trucks can be where they need to be — on the road making you money. Call us today!

As DPF / DEF Medic, the company took the technology and made it mobile. By June 2012, DPF / DEF Medic moved the cleaning units from trailers to 18’ Hino box trucks. The work is done right on premises. DPF / DEF Medic does the truly deep cleaning that needs to be done — no more, no less. No needless up sells or up charges.

DPF / DEF Cleaning to go.

On The Road To A Speedy Recovery.

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Delbert practically grew up in the radiator industry. After serving in the military, he spent time at the family business while maintaining a full-time oil refinery job. After holding both positions for 12 years, he decided to put his focus on the family radiator business taking the helm in 2004. When the automotive portion of the business slowed, Delbert looked into diversification. During the process of researching a multitude of business opportunities the idea of filter cleaning was born.